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Rochelle offers the following instruments for R&D, design verification, and production test of telephony & VoIP products:

Model 3500 Caller ID Telephone R&D / Production Tester:   A benchtop instrument for full CO simulation of telephony and type 1 / type 2 caller ID signals.
Recommended for production testing and basic R&D.

Model 3540 Telephone Network Emulator and Tester:  A portable instrument that combines central office simulation, Caller ID & SMS generation, analog network emulation, and key measurements for testing advanced telephony products. Recommended for R&D. Also available with an automation package, a 4-wire interface, and with a PESQ voice quality measurement.

Click here for a feature comparison of the Model 3500 and the Model 3540.

Rochelle also offers products for Caller ID Computer Telephony Integration (CTI):

Caller ID Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

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