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Model 3540
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Model 3540 Version 2 Telephone Network Emulator and Voiceband Analyzer

The flexible design of the Model 3540 hardware and software insures instrument portability across a broad range of product development and test applications, including:

Central Office and Network Emulation:

  • Selectable CO line voltage and source impedance
  • Programmable Ringing and Call Progress Tones
  • SMS, Caller ID, FSK, and DTMF signal generation
  • Tx/Rx Attenuation and Noise generation
  • Return Loss, Talker & Listener Echo simulation
  • Terminal Equipment on-hook and off-hook simulation

    Test and Measurements:

  • International SMS and Caller ID decoding and analysis
  • Receive signal level and noise level
  • Active speech level (as per ITU P.56, method B)
  • FSK decoding and DTMF decoding & analysis
  • Frequency sweep and single frequency response
  • DTMF, MF, and programmable tone generation
  • Audio recording and playback signals and events

    Key Applications:

  • Research and development of equipment, components, and systems
  • Design verification and quality assurance testing of new products
  • Product evaluation and compliance testing of new and mature products
  • Manufacturing test in both a single station and automated test environment
  • On-site and outsourced product repair and upgrade service
  • Product performance monitoring under network conditions
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