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Model 3540
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Model 3540 Version 2 Telephone Network Emulator and Voiceband Analyzer

The Model 3540 is a two-channel DSP-based instrument that can be configured as a Central Office (FXS) on one or both channels, and/or as Telephony Equipment (FXO) on one or both channels.

Central Office Simulation allows the Model 3540 to generate DC Voltage plus a wide range of country-specific SMS, Caller ID, FSK, Ringing, Call Progress, Noise, and Tone signals.

Click here to see the countries the 3540 supports

Telephony Equipment Simulation permits the Model 3540 to function as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) such as a telephone or a modem.

Network Emulation allows telephony product testing under real-world conditions, such as one-way or two-way Attenuation, Return Loss, Talker Echo, and Listener Echo.

A suite of Analog Measurements includes Receive Signal Level, Idle Channel Noise Level, Speech Level, DTMF Generation & Analysis, Frequency Sweep & Response, Programable Tones, etc.

See Screenshots for a view of the Model 3540 software.

The Model 3540 includes a PC-based Windows XP application program that allows quick device configuration based on over 30 countries. Menu options permit easy customization of any signaling parameter. A powerful scripting language allows test sequencing. A DLL allows control of the Model 3540 from programming languages such as LabVIEW, Visual Basic, or C++.

Now Available: PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) for end-to-end voice quality testing, and Handset Emulation for testing corded and cordless telephones

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