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Model 3500
Product Overview
Key Features
Model 3500 Caller ID Telephone R&D / Production Tester: Key Features

Feature Benefits
Stand-alone Instrument Rugged portability for full Caller ID and telephony simulation and testing, based on a built-in 486 controller with floppy drive; and VGA, keyboard and serial ports.
User-friendly Software A robust DOS application provides menus and results screens for all product functions and features.
PC-104 interface Allows expansion through plug-in PC-104 boards. Rochelle modules are available for further DSP-based analysis and for interface via a GPIB bus.
Multipurpose Analog Services Simulation Allows the user to test analog telephony products, such as Telephone Sets, Answering Machines, FAX Machines, Pay Telephones, Point-Of-Sale Terminals, Caller ID Phones and Adjuncts, Telemetry Devices, and Low-Speed Modems.
Pass-fail LEDs and event counters Allows a clear visual display of test results
Push-button test selection Easy selection and operation of up to 24 pre-programmed test sequences.
Global Caller ID Simulation Compatible with worldwide Caller ID standards: Bellcore, TIA, ETSI (DTMF, MF and FSK), NTT, BT, and others.
Programmable parameters:
  • CO Current
  • Ring Frequency and Voltage
  • Signal/Noise Level
  • CAS & Alert Tone (duration, frequency, amplitude, and twist)
Allows the user to vary Caller ID and telephony signal parameters for full R&D and production testing of both Caller ID and advanced telephony functions.

Provides basic telephony simulation with support for most US and international Caller ID variations.
Selectable loop lengths Allows the user to insert an internal simulated line: either 3 km (9480 ft) or 6 km (19680 ft) of 24 AWG wire.
Simulation and tests for Bell 202 and ITU V.23 modems Allows testing of telemetry and Point of Service (POS) devices and peripherals.
Simulation and tests for V.26bis, V27ter, and V.29 fax modems Allows the user to send and receive faxes at programmable FAX signal levels.
Record and play audio files Allows the user to record and play m-LAW, A-LAW, PCM, ADPCM, and .wav files.
Programmable audio input and output attenuation (range from -24dB to +24dB) Allows the user to set the input and output signals level over a 48 dB dynamic range.
True RMS Measurements Allows accurate readings of audio levels and noise.
Simulation of Subscriber Pulse Metering (SPM) Allows simulation of 12 kHz and 16 kHz metering pulses used for European-type call charging in Europe
BT CLI wetting pulse measurement Verifies proper operation of CLI products used in the UK
Programmable noise generator Allows performance testing under noisy conditions.
Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) capability Allows data performance tests of low-speed modems.
Rochelle Script Language ™ (RSL) – version 3.0 or higher. Allows easy development of powerful test scripts for automated R&D and production testing without the use of complicated programming languages (C++, etc.). Scripts are compatible with the Model 3400 and Model 3410.
Ground (Earth) isolation Insures grounding problems do not compromise tests.
Warranty Limited one-year product warranty with full telephone and e-mail support, and software upgrades..

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