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Rochelle Model 3540 PESQ Option

PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) is an internationally-accepted method (defined by the ITU-T P.862 standard) for objectively measuring end-to-end voice quality over a PSTN or VoIP network or telephone. Further information and links on PESQ are available at

The Rochelle Model 3540 PESQ Option performs end-to-end voice quality measurements on PSTN & VOIP networks and telephones by either of two methods:   (see connection diagrams)

  • A two-wire 600-Ohm FXO port that simulates ideal telephony equipment
  • A Handset Emulation option that interfaces to the handset port of a PSTN or VOIP phone

    The PESQ function automatically plays a reference audio file on one channel while simultaneously recording the audio from the network or telephone on a second channel. The PESQ algorithm then compares the two files and calculates and displays a PESQ score and other relevant parameters.

    Following is a screenshot of the Model 3540 PESQ function:


  • Please email us at for further info on the Model 3540 PESQ Option.

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