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Model 3540 Handset Emulation Option

The Handset Emulation Option allows the Model 3540 to emulate a corded or cordless handset or headset of a PSTN, GSM or VoIP phone.

This new option extends the Caller ID, SMS, and Measurement functions of the Model 3540 for performance testing of telephony equipment. For instance, the Model 3540 Frequency Sweep function can be used to characterize telephone microphone and speaker circuits.

Handset emulation and the PESQ option become a powerful combination for voice quality testing of PSTN telephones and VoIP and PSTN networks. See connection diagrams here and here for measuring PESQ with the Model 3540 handset emulation option.

The Handset Emulation option is available with:

  • Selectable 8, 16, 32, 150, 600, and 10000 Ohms as standard speaker impedances
  • Selectable 600, 1000, 2000, 2200, 3000, and 3300 Ohms as standard microphone impedances.

  • Other impedance values are available as a factory option.

    Please email us at for further information on the Handset Emulation option.

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